Plum Coulee Mennonite Church 

COVID-19 Update - March 18th, 2020

Plum Coulee Bergthaler Church will continue to not gather for a Sunday morning worship service.  We will continue to reassess as things change.  The government has begun loosening some meeting restrictions and we are now able to have a group of 25 or less meet in the church building and a group of 50 or less meet outdoors.  If any of our church groups wish to use the church building to begin meeting they are asked to meet the following protocols:

  1. You must call the office to book a meeting time to insure there is no over-lap of groups.  No group should just show up at the church and assume it is theirs to use.  It is only when your time is affirmed by the office, that you can assume that the church is yours to meet in.
  2. The individual making the booking, is responsible for keeping a count of those entering the building and keeping the number within government allowances.
  3. The group should enter the link entrance and each individual is asked to use the sanitizing station to clean their hands.
  4. We ask that each group would follow social distancing as mandated by the government.

These first steps of beginning to meet together can feel like a bit of a hassle but by following them we insure a peaceful transition back to our “normal”.  Our goal is to also have a few church social events (like baseball) in the weeks to come, so stay tuned for any emails concerning dates and times.  Please continue to pray for our government leaders as they make decisions that affect the gathering of the churches.