Plum Coulee Mennonite Church 


Adult Sunday School

Have you been wanting to study God’s Word but have not been sure where to begin?  Well Adult Sunday School would be a great place to start.  Adult Sunday School is an insightful look at God’s word as you study and discuss what it means for your life in today’s world.  This has become a great place to gather together to take an honest view of the Bible.  One where we allow God to lead the dance and we follow.  God’s Word is alive and active and can reveal the needs of our own lives, the lives of our loved ones and the needs of the Billions of souls who call this Planet home.  God has blessed us with His words of revelation, wisdom, encouragements, honesty, insight and promises.  There is nothing else like His book to us.  Come join us as we allow the Holy Spirit to teach us God’s Word.

Adult Sunday School

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