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Deacon Care Groups

The word Deacon is derived from a Greek word that means servant. The Deacons serve by walking alongside and coordinating hands on help to those in need.  The Deacons assist the Pastor in caring for the congregation.

Deacons have been called by God to serve in a ministry of practical compassion and to facilitate activities assisting the Church body. Committed to prayer in all things, they provide practical help as needed and inspire and encourage others to serve.

Each of our Deacons heads a Care Group – members and regular attendees for which the Deacon is a point of contact in times of practical need. Deacons provide a source of connection with the Church and with all the benefits of belonging to the body of believers.  Care Groups are a great way to get our families and individuals into smaller settings and develop friendships, as well as share joys and prayer needs.

How can a Deacon help you?

Care Groups.  Because we care for you and your family, the pastor and deacons of your church are committed to the Care Groups. We want to make certain that every member and family in our church experience the love and support of the whole congregation. We want to be known throughout our community as a loving and caring church.

What are the Care Groups? It is a way through which the deacons can join the pastor and church staff in ministering to the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of each church member and family. The resident church families are divided into groups. Each group of individuals, couples and families is then assigned to a deacon who will minister to them over a period of time.  The deacon coordinates care given by Care Group to care to those in their group in times of need.

Visiting you.  The first visit will be a get-acquainted visit with you and your family. However, your deacon will make other visits throughout the year when someone in your family is in the hospital or you have sorrow or sickness in the home.

Praying for unsaved family members. One of your deacon’s chief concerns is that every member of your family know Christ as Savior and will gladly pray with you for your family.

Giving support in times of crisis. Sometimes your deacon can help you through the crisis by listening and giving support. Other times your deacon will know someone else or a community agency that can help.

Praying for you and with you.  Believing that you are important and believing in the power of prayer, your deacon will join with the pastor and others deacons in praying for you and family members.  They participate in an active prayer chain with the Ministerial.


Feel free to call your deacon. Your deacon will seek to help you or link you to another helping person.




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